Hot Ticket, Sinners on Tour, Book #4
Sinners on Tour Series, book #3
Featuring bassist Jace Seymour

Backstage Pass, Rock Hard, Hot Ticket, Wicked Beat, Double Time

He needs her to mask his pain…

When Jace walked through the doors of Aggie's dungeon, the last thing he expected was to find self-forgiveness and the love of a remarkable woman. But when a terrible accident sidelines Jace during the band's tour, the burdensome chains of his past wrap ferociously around his heart.

She needs him to forgive himself…

Determined to crack through Jace's armored shell, Aggie must go beyond her usual methods to mend his heart to love again.

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The Romance Reviews — "As Jace's story is told in Hot Ticket, the [listener] is provided with the heart wrenching and powerful backstory that formed the Jace we saw in the first two books of this series."

Night Owl Reviews — "I said it for the first book and I'll say it again, these yummy guys are so hot that you'll want to rip you clothes off and join them. I hope this tour never ends."

Sinners on Tour, Book 4 (reading order #3) - Hot Ticket, Audiobook

Sinners on Tour, Book 4 - Hot Ticket

Print, E-Book, & Audiobook
Sourcebooks Casablanca

Series Reading Order:
Book 1: Backstage Pass
Book 2: Rock Hard
Book 3: Hot Ticket
Book 4: Wicked Beat
Book 5: Double Time

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